Android Apps 101

Andriod applications are easier to make than one might think. Android apps can be built using several IDE’s (intergrated development environment) such as Eclipse and Android Studio which is a go to app for many developers as it was built by Android making it easier to make applications even if you are a newbee.

The Basics

Before developing any app or, “Hello World”, project. You need to know what language you are working with as well as any pre-requisites which may be needed to run your application. Pre Requisites are software development tools which are necassary to download to provide a foundation for app development.

The android documentation covers this very well explaining how to install your pre requisites into your project. However the main three will be, androids SDK for your operating system. This software development kit allows you to use key features within android studio, giving you access to a large library of commands and functions designed to make your life easier.

Other required packages are Java Development Kit, JDK, and Java Runtime Environment. Why you download these are pretty much explained in the video below, nonetheless to explain, the JDK acts as your source material, working with the android SDK to provide boiler plate code for you to manipulate.

The JRE or Java Runtime Environment, crates a virtual environment for your applications to be tested in, enabling you to publish your application on different operating systems.

Know your Language

Android uses Java and XML to run applications. If you don’t know Java I would reccomend learning basic functions before you get started. Easy documentation can be found here.

Jump Right In

However, if you are keen and want to jump in straight away you might want to coonsider starting small with easy projects to get you used to the developer environment, especially if you don’t know Java.

Nonetheless, a fun project which I am currently doing is making an AR application from Googles AR core plugin. Now to build AR applications you need Googles AR SDK which can be found here. This is a good place to start as most AR environments require you to use AVD, Android Virtual Development which gives instant visual feedback and can be really motivating when it comes to AR.

This video below although long is a perfect way to start developing, as it shows all the pre-requisites needed to start building and the results are very good.

Never Give Up

To conclude, the process of installing SDK’s and JRE’s can be abit of a hassle, especially if you have never coded or made projects in Java before.

Eventhough things may not work straight away, keeping trying and you will end up with something amazing.

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