Are You Getting Addicted to the Internet During the COVID-19 Crisis?

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In these burdensome moments that a pandemic has hit every part of the globe, eighty percent of your day is probably spent on cable TV or your Smartphone. Leaving you baffled on what will
happen next. You can hardly wake up and spend an hour without switching the TV on or refreshing your timeline feed to see the latest news. Imposed cessation of movement and the
total lockdown has turned you into an internet junkie. You are hooked to your 4G/5G internet connection like a bee to its hive. Unknowingly your eating habits have changed. You are now
more aware of trending hashtags and videos. You may have also gained more followers than before. Certainly, the internet service providers are struggling with the high demand for
bandwidth from their customers some have even come up with new solutions to circumvent dead zones.

As a user, you should be concerned with the heavy use of social media platforms. Every day you are being bombarded by adverts, internet cookies, bots, and technological viruses. Often
reading the terms and conditions is tiresome so you choose to accept and agree without perusing. Although issues of security on personal information are growing concerns on internet
addiction should be your biggest worry. Unlike face to face interactions, you have switched to virtual classes, meetings or training. How much of your time online is okay? It’s a question you may have asked yourself lately. Although the internet is the only link to the outside world it should not become an addiction.

This can be prevented by making sure you balance your time
in the online space to ensure all avenues of your livelihood are taken care of. It’s an imperative move whose result is a productive day.

Here are some few suggestions on how you can spend your time indoors effectively;

  • Allocate time on your schedule by dividing it into personal, family, social and work segments.
  • Depending on your job prioritize the tasks of the day and finish them during the first quarter of the day if possible.
  •  Family time is essential and at this period of your day, you can make virtual calls to your
    loved ones or spend quality time with those that are with you.
  • Allocate a moment for your personal growth. Read a book, listen to a podcast, meditate and work towards a positive outcome.
  •  Learn a new skill each week this will eventually boost your self-esteem.
  • Tidy up your workspace and take some time off the internet to have fun you can play your music instrument dance to your favourite song or play some board games.
  •  Lastly don’t forget to check on your friends. Have some good time on your messaging apps but remember don’t be thrown off balance.

Author Joseph Kamau

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