Ethical Hacking?

Ethical Hacking can fall under many roles, but ultimately the role consists of exploiting vulnerabilities and weaknesses in various systems. The role enables you to, ‘think like an attacker’, and report flaws in the system so they can be repaired stopping sensitive inforamtion from being breached.

According to the EC Council an ethical Hacker is:

“an individual who is usually employed with an organization and who can be trusted to undertake an attempt to penetrate networks and/or computer systems using the same methods and techniques as a malicious hacker. “

These skills and methods include having an in depth knowledge of web based languages, network topologies and how they work as well as how to manipulate break and fix them.

Contrary to popular belief a lot of social engineering is involved when hacking companies ethically. For example, the most vulnerable part of the company security is the human (empoylee, employer, etc). This being shown when a cyber security engineering tricked a member of the IT department to hack into his computer.

Hacking is fun and pays well, fighting for the good guys can really pay off, however what qualifications are needed? Well according to IT Pro as long as you have a deep understanding whether that be from formal or online self education and can do the job, you’re in.

A vast amount of technical knowledge of IT systems and software and, in particular, how to exploit their vulnerabilities”, but acknowledges that there are formal qualifications available

What About Resources?

Instead of getting lost in videos on YouTube there are several great hacking courses on udemy. However, there are afew 9 – 15 hour long videos on Youtube which are good and go into detail if you are will to check them out.

Nonetheless, if you want to get started and certified in the world of ethical hacking try the EC Council, they have lots of resources, short courses and exams as well as suggestions for degrees and helpful advice of how to get on them.

This is a growth hub for ethical hacking as it is a skill in demand. So go fight for the good guys….

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