Top 3 Upcoming Technology Careers in 2020

In a world consumed by technological innovation, IT skills and expertise have become more valued than ever. The year 2020 predicts that tech jobs will become the focal point of employment due to business development and global understanding and application. To prepare for the coming year, here are the top 3 highest demanded technology jobs in 2020 and what to expect in such positions.

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Architect

Automation has flooded almost every company. From automatic document drafting to machine learning, AI architects are constantly sought after due to their skills in computer science, programming and AI integration. This position is becoming most critical as AI architects are responsible for the implementation of technological solutions as well as adapting systems to react with the clients or even the company’s needs. Most commonly this position will involve economic forecasting, image recognition, security protocols and natural language processing and is certainly a position to look out for.

2. Data Specialists

As most analytical systems are now being transferred virtually, companies rely on professional data specialists to organise and assess trends in collected data. Data is essential to the functioning of an organisation, whether it be through advertising, security or information, and as such personal data is highly sensitive. Therefore, it is crucial that qualified data specialists manage valuable information, by compiling, sorting and cleaning data, to benefit consumers and the company.

3. Network Security Specialist

With exposure online, network security specialists ensure that data, networks, information and systems are kept safe from cyber threats. Due to the reliance on data, it is essential that a company employs an individual who is qualified to protect such sensitive information. This position will also involve complying with industry standards (such as technological, financial or legal), maintaining safeguards and protocols over software and hardware of the organisation, and anticipating future trends in cybersecurity or exposure.

Author:  Jakub Grzybowski

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