What our Students Say!!

Find Out Why The Tech Ladder Students Rate Us So Highly
We strive to make our course programmes, study portal, materials and learning experience as good as we possibly can.

"I really like the flexible nature of the IT programmes and the ability to study Online it suits me! The teaching is great and course structure is nice and easy to follow."

Beth -  London UK

"Having flexible study is so important to me…, The Trainers are  so understanding and the flexibility of study suits my life perfectly."
Ryan - Leeds UK

"It gave me confidence and skills to go for senior jobs that I wouldn’t have been confident to go for previously [and] I have been promoted several times since."

Lilian - Leeds UK

"Techladder is an educational academy without borders. It's  aim to make quality higher education accessible to everyone, everywhere has helped me in my career advancement. This  online platform has enabled me build relationship with professionals from all the world  plus the  trainers  all work in the field they teach"

Emudiaga - Los Angeles USA


"Since inception,The Tech Ladder sought to provide the less privileged or perhaps, those who desire a change in career paths - a life line to opportunities within  the highly competitive IT industry. It has achieved this feat by offering a gamut of free on line courses which include project management,  web design ,Business Intelligence and of course it's highly acclaimed computer repairs programme, just to mention a few. Lectures are delivered  by dedicated and highly skilled trainers and volunteers.

The Tech Ladder's selfless venture has positively impacted the lives of it's attendees  as evidenced by a surge in employment opportunities which has led to improved living standards and most importantly a new lease in life!"

Juliana- Delta State, Nigeria


The Tech Ladder has given me an opportunity to become a Computer Engineer who can confidently fix any faulty Computer now.
It was like embarking on an adventure when a friend asked me to join the Tech Ladder group created on the Telegram and that I ensure I make myself available for any training program I chosen.
I must say it has been an eye opener for me and thanks to Mrs. Elsie for creating this wonderful opportunity. Also, thanks to our Lecturer - Engr. Chris for a good job.
Once again thank you Mrs. Elsie for adding value to my life, your effort is highly appreciated Ma..

Tunde - Abuja Nigeria


Studying at Tech Ladder has definitely changed my life!
I’m now a better entrepreneur and Data Analyst.
I had opportunity to real life projects which is rear in other study centre.
I’m indebted to Ma’am Elsie Reed for this selflessness.

Uzoamaka - Lagos, Nigeria


"The School is such a wonderful family with the opportunity to build life long friendships with my classmates who have like-minded views. I am appreciative of how the Tech Ladder encouraged students to network, get involved and to think critically.

The Tech Ladder have given me the opportunity to learn computer engineering and am also able to practice the skills I acquired successfully. I can successfully use my new skills to make a living and am very grateful for that.

Due to its small size, my fellow classmates and I had a much more interactive relationship with the Lecturer in person of Engineer Chris Kepke and our donor in person of Elsie Reed. These relationships will last a lifetime."
Agatha - Kaduna, Nigeria