Why You Might or Might Not Consider Getting Rid of Your Smartphone at Work

Your work desk is a perfect reflection of how organized you are. A desk full of scattered papers a dusty keyboard and messed up files relays the message that you are disorganized. Your smartphone is to blame at times. Treasured minutes that would have been used to meet a deadline are converted to wasted hours on social media deceit. Unnecessary long phone calls to friends and colleagues should also be added to the list.

Mostly it is acceptable to keep checking your inbox for a message which you deem important. However, that doesn't include pokes for a night out or a binge-drinking plan. Such habits affect your work ethic and could end up degrading your efficiency. To evaluate yourself attempt the simple quiz below;
How often do you check your phone while working?
⦁ Do you get distracted when working on an important task?
⦁ Does your smartphone play music as your working?
⦁ Is it true that you can't work continuously for an hour without checking it?
⦁ Do you multitask chatting with working and find it fulfilling?

If you answered yes to more than two questions then you need to make some adjustments for you to be more reliable.
⦁ List all the tasks needed to be done. You can do so using a desktop note-taking app like EverNote. Alternatively use the hard copy sticky notes and stick them on your desk or Pc. Remember to arrange the tasks in order from the highest to the lowest in priority. Then concentrate on a single task to its completion.

  1. Use your smartphone to set reminders of the crucial projects to be sorted before the end of the day.
  2. You can also record voice notes of receipt numbers or other relevant information that may be used to retrieve data quickly and easily.
  3. Manage your unfinished tasks through reminders and alarms. It is perfectly fine to set different alarms and reminders for each task.
  4. Memo apps like Smemo can help you keep track of deadlines and meetings.
  5. You can use your Calendar application in marking important dates.
  6. For moments when you're required to solve difficult computations, you can as well make use of the in-built calculator.

In conclusion, a mobile device is supposed to benefit and promote a dynamic work environment. It should be a source of proficiency in handling assignments and not a derailment in submitting them. Choose wisely when and how to use it.


Joseph Ngaruiya

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